Here you will find some of my personal work.
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Light Well Fountain - Game Makers Toolkit Jam 2017

Light Well Fountain was created by me and Sebastian Lind (@Elastiskalinjen) for Game Makers Toolkit Jam 2017, in 48 hours. When you jump, the game switch between the dark and the light world. The tricky part is to maintain map awareness, because some platforms might only exist in the dark world, vice versa. We both had so much fun and learned a lot during the jam, and hopefully one day we make a full game out of this idea!

(Video credits to Lineyatronic, who made an awesome playthrough of our game!)

Download Link

Cloud Colony - Malmö University Arcade Machine Contest 2016

A game created by me and my friend Sebastian Lind. It was developed for an arcade machine contest at Malmö University (which we won!) in just over a month.

The game Cloud Colony is a fast paced multiplayer game were you take control of a large group of ships and the goal is to destroy the other players army before they destorys yours. Packed with intense fights and powerups to aid you in your battle!


Perspektiv - Define Indie

Perspektiv was developed for a course were the goal was to create a game from a concept all the way to the polishing and test phase. We came up with Perspektiv, a co-op game with a unique game mechanic: throwing the virtual camera. The camera is treated like any object, it has collision, a weight and instead of split screen the players share the cameras view. However, it is easier to just watch the gameplay video to get a understanding of the mechanic.

I'm really happy with the result that we managed to create together in the span of the course. The game has 16 levels and ~2 hours of gameplay and really captures the couch co-op feeling were you yell at each other but you are having so much fun playing together.

(Perspektiv is still under development for release.)

The Asylum - Global Game Jam 2015

Global Game Jam 2015 was my first game jam and it was located in Malmö. It was a lot fun and I learn to work on a tight 48 hour schedule with three other developers. We were happy with the end result however we all wanted the story and objectives to be expanded. 

Global Game Jam Page

Tower Defense - Totem of Magic

My goals for this game was to learn how Render Targets works and how to use a Spline algorithm to build dynamic levels. This allowed me to create a level editor to control the path and the quantity of the enemies spawned each wave.

The most enjoyable part was the building and upgrading system. You can upgrade unlimited times however the cost is doubled each time. Every new level increases the stats such as range, damage, speed and crit chance.


Battleship - Battle of Great Sea Uhyaa

This game was my second game created at Malmö Högskola. The goal was to create a Battleship game in under two weeks. To extend the game I added two game modes: Player vs. Player and Player vs. AI. It was really a challenge to develop an AI considering this was my very first. I'm happy that the AI is completely blind and still shoots somewhat right. The thing I'm most proud of is the idea of having the AI fight another AI that I implemented which you can see in the video on the right.



Asteroids was my first game written in XNA and was developed in under 2 weeks. The first thing I wanted was a camera that transforms a matrix which then is used by the SpriteBatch to simulate a camera.  Another thing was I created a particle manager together with a object pool that keeps the dynamic allocation down to a minimum and makes the garbage collector happy.


Applied Data Structures and Algorithms Project

I teamed up with a friend to create this top-down shooter game. The goal was to use fitting datastructures and algorithms in the best way possible.

Some of the features:

  • Spatial Hash Grid
  • A* search algorithm
  • Hashtable
  • Ray tracing to query if a enemy can see the player.

You can read more of the data structures we used here: Project Description.pdf



Most game engines today use Entity component system (ECS) and after studying its design I decided to create a whole game using a self written ECS. ECS is really interesting in the way that it doesn't go hand in hand with Object-oriented programming. Instead the charm with ECS is that everything becomes modularized making it super easy to combine components with each other.

Just like any other software-pattern, this solves some issues and introduces others. 


Road to the White House - Global Game  Jam 2017

I teamed up with two friends over a weekend for a fun game jam experience. The theme was waves and we ended up with a satire game about Donald Trump, the same day as the inauguration day funnily. (Note that this game should not be taken serious in any way, and is just a goof on Trump)

The goal is to surf on Trump's hair while collecting money for the high score and avoiding the walls. Bonus money is rewarded by doing flips in the air. The physics ended up not so good because it was difficult in a 3D environment to make the character not rail out of bounds. Though we had a very fun weekend and learned a lot together, so it compensate for the bad physics!

Global Game Jam Page



Bob-omb Battlefield in Maya | Super Mario 64

This scene was an attempt to recreate the first level in Super Mario 64. It was created by me and two other students in one week. We were all happy with the end result and we think we came close to the original level made in 1996. A more detailed description can be found here (in swedish).